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This is your way to some pages that hopefully will entertain you in one way or another.

Title Description
Avancerad k├Ârkortsteori Some Swedish trafic signs for a different theoretical driving lesson. (Available in Swedish only.)
BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell - System administrators could be a pain in the but for (l)users and vice versa.
Bregottfabriken Parody of Swedish butter commercial (not for weak stomachs)
Caffeine Prayer One of the essences of life!
Kiss-Struten Female stand-up-peeing-device, from Swedish news paper "Aftonbladet", May 22 2000.
Linux Rocks Simple, but still genius, way of putting Linux to good use ... it simply rocks!
SFDS Stick Figure Death Scenes - I'll let the animated GIFs speak for themselves
Talent Really Talented Stars! (Warning: It's violent and might disturb your peace of mind!)
Voting Machine Florida Voting Machine Election 2004 -- Bush vs Kerry.