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crop_video_preview is a simple, pure bourne shell, interactive script that helps you crop videos using ffmpeg

It asks for the necessary parameters (x,y,width & height of the cropped video) and validates them.
Once all parameters are correctly entered it will launch a preview of the cropped video so you immediately can see the result without having to crop the entire video firstly.
You watch as long as you want to and when you end the preview you can tweak the parameters if needed and again watch the preview.

Once you are satisfied the script will output the command required to crop the video.

(Tip: Just use HandBrake (I have nothing to do with that project, but it's a very good tool to simplify video transcoding) to tweak more parameters and get an UI, if you prefer that and can live with a still preview.)

Download the script: crop_video_preview

Source Code
# crop_video_preview
# is free software created by Fredrik Ax
# The script depends on ffmpeg
# Feel free to use as you wish!
test -x "`which ffprobe`" && test -x "`which ffplay`" && test -x "`which ffmpeg`" || {
        echo "\n### Error\n#\n# This program relies on ffprobe, ffplay & ffmpeg\n# which could not be found in the path:\n# ($PATH)\n#\n# Please install ffmpeg.\n"
        exit 1

test -e "$1" || {
    echo "\nUSAGE: $0 <infile>\n"
    exit 2

eval `ffprobe -loglevel quiet -show_entries format:stream=width,height "$1" | egrep -e '^(width|height)='`
test `expr match "$width" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 -o `expr match "$height" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 && {
    echo "\n### Error\n#\n# Could not get video resoloution of \"$1\"\n# Make sure the infile is a media file with a video stream.\n"
    exit 3


while test "$loop" = "y"; do
    echo "\n\ninput file: \"$1\""
    echo "video size: ${width}x${height}\n\nSpecify"

    while test "$loop" = "y"; do
        echo -n "\ncropped Width (2 - $width) [$dw]: "
        read w
        test "$w" = "" && w=$dw
        w=`echo $w | sed -e 's/^00*/0/'`
        test "$w" = "0" || w=`echo $w | sed -e 's/^0*//'`
        test `expr match "$w" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 && w=-1
        test $((w)) -gt 1 && test $((w)) -le $width || { echo "### Bad Width ($w)"; loop=y; } 
loop=y while test "$loop" = "y"; do loop=n echo -n "\ncropped Height (2 - $height) [$dh]: " read h test "$h" = "" && h=$dh h=`echo $h | sed -e 's/^00*/0/'` test "$h" = "0" || h=`echo $h | sed -e 's/^0*//'` test `expr match "$h" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 && h=-1 test "$h" = "0" || w=`echo $w | sed -e 's/^0*//'` test $((h)) -gt 1 && test $((h)) -le $height || { echo "### Bad Height ($h)"; loop=y; } done dh=$h loop=y while test "$loop" = "y"; do loop=n echo -n "\ncropped X (0 - $((width-$w))) [$dx]: " read x test "$x" = "" && x=$dx x=`echo $x | sed -e 's/^00*/0/'` test "$x" = "0" || x=`echo $x | sed -e 's/^0*//'` test `expr match "$x" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 && x=-1 test $((x)) -ge 0 && test $((x+w)) -le $width || { echo "### Bad X ($x)" test $((x+w)) -le $width || echo "(<x> + <cropped_width> can't be larger than <original_width>)"; loop=y } done dx=$x loop=y while test "$loop" = "y"; do loop=n echo -n "\ncropped Y (0 - $((height-h))) [$dy]: " read y test "$y" = "" && y=$dy y=`echo $y | sed -e 's/^00*/0/'` test "$y" = "0" || y=`echo $y | sed -e 's/^0*//'` test `expr match "$y" '^[0-9]*$'` -eq 0 && y=-1 test $((y)) -ge 0 && test $((y+h)) -le $height || { echo "### Bad Y ($y)" test $((y+h)) -le $height || echo "(<y> + <cropped_height> can't be larger than <original_height>)"; loop=y } done dy=$y echo "\n+---\n| Previewing video cropped to ${w}x$h positioned at ${x}x$y.\n|\n| During the preview, press 'q' to end it.\n|\n| Press [RETURN] to start the preview or [Crtl]-'c' to abort.\n+---" read c ffmpeg -loglevel quiet -i "$1" -filter:v "crop=$w:$h:$x:$y" -f matroska - 2>/dev/null | ffplay -loglevel quiet - echo -n "Do you need to tweak the parameters? ([y]/n) " read loop loop=`echo $loop | sed -e 's/^[nN].*/n/'` test "$loop" = "n" || loop=y done echo "\n--- Done. Use the following command to crop the video:\n\nffmpeg -i \"$1\" -filter:v \"crop=$w:$h:$x:$y\" <outputfile>\n"