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The ALIEN is Comming
Year 2003-2004
    The idea of an invasion starts to form, and certain actions are taken to enable the possibility of a future invasion.
Jan 21 2005 (Week 0)
    No indication of invasion!
Jan 29 - Feb 5 2005 (Week 2)
    The process is started.
Feb 24 2005 (Week 5)
    First indication of the invasion.
Mar 18 2005 (Week 8)
    Alien expertise confirms suspicion.
Estimated duration for the invasion to complete: 40 weeks from Week 0.
Apr 19 2005 (Week 12)
    Hi-Tech sound wave equipment, controlled by alien expertise, manages to produce photo evidence:
pic1: 1st Photo Evidence - NUPP pic2: 1st Photo Evidence - NUPP pic3: 1st Photo Evidence - NUPP
[ 1440x1200 jpg | 4200x3500 tif ] [ 1440x1200 jpg | 4200x3500 tif ] [ 1440x1200 jpg | 4200x3500 tif ]
    from which meassurments could be taken:
Top to Bottom:  7 cm
Head (BPD):  24 mm
Neck:  1.6 mm
    Estimated completion date of invasion: Oct 25 2005
So far, the invasion is proceeding according to plan!
May 8 2005 (Week 15)
    Rapid movements of the carrier seems to create alien movement, at least the carrier sensors seem to indicate this.
May 15 2005 (Week 16)
    Carrier shape changes (to be able to hold the growing alien cargo) are now visibly detectable by third party closeup examination.
To be continued ...
.... hmpf(!) .... the preparations for the alien invasion took such a great effort that this log was totally forgotten ...
however, the invasion was successfully completed almost three weeks ahead of the schedule ...
you may review the result here!