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Fun Pages @ axnet

This is your way to some pages that hopefully will entertain you in one way or another.

Title Description
Avancerad körkortsteori Some Swedish trafic signs for a different theoretical driving lesson. (Available in Swedish only.)
BOFH Bastard Operator From Hell - System administrators could be a pain in the but for (l)users and vice versa.
Bregottfabriken Parody of Swedish butter commercial (not for weak stomachs)
Caffeine Prayer One of the essences of life!
Danske ???bank Parody of TV-commercial for Danske Bank
Kiss-Struten Female stand-up-peeing-device, from Swedish news paper "Aftonbladet", May 22 2000.
Linux Rocks Simple, but still genius, way of putting Linux to good use ... it simply rocks!
SFDS Stick Figure Death Scenes - I'll let the animated GIFs speak for themselves
Talent Really Talented Stars! (Warning: It's violent and might disturb your peace of mind!)
Voting Machine Florida Voting Machine Election 2004 -- Bush vs Kerry